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Community Hospitals

Much as our operations improve access to and uptake of health care services among the vulnerable populations, now we know that our mobile model of operation is insufficient. We grapple with challenges of patient follow-up, providing specialized care outside the hospital setting, and attending
to critically ill patients promptly.

In light of these challenges, we realized the need to shift from providing only mobile health care services to adding static health facilities in various regions across the country. It is upon this background that the 1st Community Hospital was conceived as a means to achieving our vision of “Restoring Health and Rebuilding Dreams”.

1st Community Hospital

This hospital is being constructed in Bakijjulula Village, Jungo Parish, Kasanje Town council, Busiro County, Wakiso District. It is 33km or 1hr 10 minutes’ drive South West of the capital, Kampala. The uniqueness of Kasanje Town Council is that it is a rural area surrounded by urban centers such as Entebbe, Nateete, Mpigi and Wakiso which implies a high cost of services yet its residents are poor. Most of the people here are subsistence farmers.

However, translating these strategic commitments into desired health outcomes remains a major challenge for the health sector.

Our Business Model

Our model is to provide high quality, safe and affordable health care services to the population through an NGO, private-not-for-profit approach. Services in the general wing will be costed at the bear minimum to meet operational costs. Immunizations, ARVs and T.B treatment will be free. Community participation will be encouraged. Provision of affordable high quality healthcare services will improve access and promote utilization.

Funding & Sustainability

The ongoing construction project has been made possible by donations, volunteers and community participation. Middle class and rich patients will be charged a modest fee in the private wing which will also help to offset operational costs.

How you can get involved

  • Buy a concrete block ($1 each)
  • Buy a bag of cement ($10 each)
  • Buy an Iron Sheet ($12 each)
  • Donate or Buy Equipment – Please review equipment list
  • Drill a well – Please contact us for more information
  • Sponsor a doctor, nurse, midwife – Please contact us for more information
  • Sponsor a parent – Please contact us for more information

Equipment List

Here in below is a list of equipment that we will need and we will be glad to have your partnership and support.

Patient Beds, Examination Couches, Delivery Bed, Operating Table, Anaesthesia Machines, CT Scan, MRI Scan, Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, ECG/EKG, AED,
X-ray, Ultra Sound Scan, Wall Mounted Diagnostic Set, Suction, Dental Chairs, Digital Data Management System, Generator, Laundry Machines, Computers, Patient Monitors, Haematology Analyzer, Chemistry Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Centrifuge, Medical Refrigerator, Immunology Analyzer, Incubators, Photo Therapy Units, Ventilators .