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Jungle Missions Coffee

Creating Opportunities For Our Communities And Local Farmers

With the support of partners across the globe and here in Uganda, jungle medical missions Uganda is developing a fully integrated self-sustainability agri-coffee business, branded; Jungle missions’ coffee, where we are roasting our own coffee and putting it on the market. Jungle missions’ coffee is purposed to accomplish three objectives.

  • Generating operational revenue for our community hospitals; for every pack of coffee purchased will contribute to running our community hospitals.
  • Empowering Coffee Farmers: we are inviting the communities around our hospitals to start growing coffee while providing technical training, organizing these communities into agriculture cooperative societies and also helping them to put their coffee on the market both locally and globally.
  • Health care Insurance: from the coffee sales the farmers in the communities will be able to have their health care insurance catered for.
Happy Coffee Farmer
Lady washing coffee beans

We Are All About Community And Impacting Lives Around Us

By empowering communities, We Are Playing Our Part in Impacting our nation, restoring health and rebuilding dreams. Wherever we operate whether on medical outreaches or at our community hospitals, our goal is to empower individuals and facilitate community transformation.

We are all about community. We are all about impacting lives, changing destinies and rewriting stories through accessible and affordable health care in the most vulnerable communities. We believe that access to affordable health care is fundamental to holistic development and transformation of communities

Coffee That Expresses Your Compassion For Community

Jungle missions’ coffee in Uganda provides a platform that enables Ugandan coffee producers to market their products on the global market and also have their health care insurance covered, thus making every sip and purchase of this coffee an expression of compassion.

Jungle missions’ coffee was birthed out of the need to create a self-sustainability plan and project for jungle medical missions Uganda community hospitals, this is a key objective and purpose of our coffee project, however what’s really truly dear to us and at the core of our vision is simply communities; healthy, thriving and transformed communities.

Cup of Coffee with coffee beans on the side

Our Specialty Coffee: Jungle Missions Coffee

Jungle Missions Coffee is a unique coffee that comes with a rich taste and aroma that’s reminiscent of a sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers, with a fruity sweetness, chocolaty tone that is light and airy, like the luscious slopes of Rwenzori, the mountains of the moon where it comes from, delivering a smooth and rich taste in every sip, guaranteed to tease your senses, invigorate and delight your morning, from every single sip, till the very last drop.

You’ll not only be enjoying a cup of coffee that’s unlike any other, but also finding the deep unrelenting soul fulfillment, knowing full well that your purchase is bringing excellent health care to the communities of kasanje, tororo and many vulnerable communities jungle medical missions reaches in Uganda.

Our Coffee Sources

Considered the merlot of coffee, our arabica coffee is sourced from some of the best and world-renowned coffee growing regions in Africa like the Ruwenzori, also spelled Rwenzori and Rwenjura, or Rwenzururu a range of mountains in Eastern Equatorial Africa, located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and from the slopes of Mount Elgon in the East, to Mt. Muhabura in the South Western Region also known as Mount Muhavura, an inactive volcano in the Virunga Mountains on the borders between Rwanda and Uganda

Carefully Selected. Meticulously Roasted,

To maintain its intrinsic quality, Jungle mission’s coffee is fully committed to responsible sourcing and thus our coffee is carefully selected and roasted so as to highlight its provenance and rich natural affluent texture of sensation that has become a signature of Uganda’s specialty coffee, coupled with a supply and production chain that’s rigidly monitored with herculean strength.

Get Involved

  • Purchase Our Coffee; To make purchase email;
  • Give a one-time donation towards our self-sustainability project.
  • Commit to 50 dollars every month
  • Volunteer your technical skills to enrich a local farming community
  • Share in your social communities about this project
  • Reach us at