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Medical Outreach

Our community outreach program provides access to quality health care for underserved, underprivileged and disadvantaged communities. Through our outreach programs we bring health care services directly to those that need them the most.

Africa suffers 22% of the global burden of disease, but has access to only 3% of the world’s health workers, and only 1% of the world’s financial resources and this is the perfect recipe for a disaster in the health care system, no wonder many health systems across Africa are failing.

This is the unfathomable health burden:

  • The doctor patient ratio in Uganda is one doctor to 25,000 people.
  • The maternal mortality rate is at 368 mothers for every 100,000 live births, which translates to over 8000 mothers dying every year trying to bring a baby to life.

Reaching the Unreached

Every quarter we send out teams of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, volunteers and we pitch camp under trees, community centers, play grounds and churches wherever we have space and we’ll set up makeshift consultation rooms, a laboratory so people can see a doctor, get tested and we’ll dispense medicines for those who are diagnosed with illness.

Our outreaches eliminate barriers to quality health care in Uganda, like financial inability to access quality health care, wrong cultural mindsets, transportation and many others, by meeting people where they are. Through our jungle medical mission outreaches, we aim at bringing primary health care directly to communities that may otherwise face barriers in seeking and accessing quality health care at regional health centre or clinics.

Our community outreach program provides access to quality health care for underserved, underprivileged and disadvantaged communities. Through our outreach programs we bring health care services directly to those that need them the most.

Jungle Medical Outreach simply means that a coordinated professional team of healthcare workers, administrators and volunteers, conducts medical activities outside of a static health care centre and brings these services directly to the community.

Our Medical Outreach Model

Our model is a combination of approaches we apply, that are built to holistically meet individuals and communities where they are, and to practically extend care in our five focus areas (dental health care, maternal and child health, medical outreach, reproductive health, eye care health) in settings that best fit the individual and community needs, and this involves using Patient-Centered Mobile Health Care, to Serve communities.

Medical outreach is abroad term which encompasses other terms like “mobile medical care,” “mobile clinic or van” or any other type of medical outreach.

Patient-Centered Care

Our model is built on the approach of using Patient-Centered Mobile Health Care to Serve under privileged communities. Through this, we are able to connect individuals and Ugandan communities to medical healthcare which includes dental, eye care, reproductive health, maternal and child health. Through the mobile program, we provide patient-centered and integrated care that caters to every patients’ specific needs.

Medical Outreach Process

Our medical outreach program serves over 4000 patients each year. For many, it’s the first time to receive comprehensive quality health care. On a visit to our medical camp, a patient receives basic health screenings, diagnosis and preventative care and this includes weight measurement, blood pressure check-up and then they are directed to a section of the camp that’s purposed to treat their need.

Frequency of Outreaches

Each year, our Mobile Medical Program holds between 4 to 5 medical clinics and two eye and dental clinics in different communities in Uganda.


Each mobile medical outreach runs between three days to a week and runs from 9am to 5pm and all services right from consultation to drug prescription are free with no insurance or any form of payment required to receive services.

Walk-Up Basis

There are no scheduled appointments required, and services are provided on a walk-up basis.

Outreach Team

Our mobile medical unit is staffed by:

  • Professional medical doctor’s: both local Ugandan doctors and international medical workers.
  • Professional registered nurses.
  • Case management health worker: also help link patients with more complex cases to health and social service agencies in the local area.
  • Drivers who facilitate logistics and transportation.
  • Volunteer social worker.
  • Guest liaison officers who manage and host international medical workers and volunteers.

Volunteer Social Worker

Guest liaison officers who manage and host international medical workers and volunteers.

Case Management

In addition to general medicine, dental care, eye care, maternal and child health care services, our medical team also offers case management and we help link patients with more complex cases to a variety of health and social service agencies in Uganda. However, we are also currently building our first community hospital in kasanje Wakiso district, where such cases will be handled.  Our vision, is to set up over 100 static health facilities, all across the country to mitigate this need.

1st Community Hospital

Part of our medical mission’s mobile clinics’ strategy, going forward will have an incorporation of our own static health facility, to offer specialty referral services for more critical and acute cases, because much as our mobile medical operations improve access to and uptake of health care services among the vulnerable populations, our mobile model of operation is insufficient to handle so many of the cases in the community.

We grapple with challenges of patient follow-up, providing specialized care outside the hospital setting, and attending to critically ill patients promptly. In light of these challenges, we have realized the need to shift from providing only mobile health care services, to adding static health facilities in various regions across the country. It is upon this background that our first static health center code named; 1st Community Hospital was conceived as a means to achieving our vision of “Restoring health and Rebuilding dreams”.


We partner with the community, and personally engage the local council at large on the grass root, regional and district leaders to mobilize and identify health needs in the communities and with other health care and social agencies in meeting and improving the health needs of our community. Our model is built to engage an entire community and its leadership.

Data collection

During our medical outreach, we have an administrative team that gathers relevant health information. This includes but not limited to: demographics, behavioural and prevalent disease patterns and this information is used for case studies, evaluation, research and development and future reference. For instance, there have been areas where particular infection patterns are prevalent for example ringworms in the slums of Namuwongo.


If need arises for some patients who need monitoring, follow up care is coordinated

Get Involved

  • You can share your skills with us.

  • You can come to Uganda and be part of our team while we provide health care to the vulnerable people in Uganda.

  • You can also share your financial resources to support an eye health medical outreach.

  • You can also volunteer your time wherever you are, you can volunteer your resources in whatever way you can support us to achieve our goal of: restoring health rebuilding dreams.

  • You can partner with us.