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Who we are

Jungle Medical Missions Uganda (JMMU) is a fully registered Non-profit medical missions’ organisation.

Since its inception in 2012, Jungle Medical Missions Uganda has been at the forefront in accelerating the provision of access to free and highly subsidized quality health care services to less privileged people in highly critical and vulnerable communities, mainly in Uganda and some parts of East Africa.

Our Vision

Restoring Health. Rebuilding Dreams

Our Mission

To improve the health and wellbeing of communities through provision of access to free and highly subsidized quality health care services to less privileged people in highly critical and vulnerable communities. We also aim to educate and equip people with skills needed to make quality health decisions for themselves and their communities and research.

Our Values

People. Valuing and adding value to people is why we do what we do.

Partnerships. We acknowledge that we can’t do it alone and therefore embrace every resource that enables us to implement our mission and achieve our vision.

Accountability. We are accountable to each other and to our partners. We hold ourselves fully accountable to the highest standards of performance and to dealing honestly and fairly

Teamwork. We realise that implementing our mission and achieving our vision is a collective effort. We therefore work continuously to improve ourselves, our processes and our services through cooperation and thinking as an integrated healthcare team.

Excellence. We’re proficient in the execution of our duties and uphold the highest possible standards of health care and patient safety.

Our Team

Jungle Medical Missions Uganda employs a local team of at least 5 medical doctors, 3 dentists, 2 opticians, 10 nurses and 2 laboratory technicians. This number is increased depending on the need. Volunteer medical teams from all over the world join us every year and this is a great resource to our team because we achieve more and benefit from the exchange of knowledge.

Non-medical personnel also help us as support staff in various areas such as patient registration, child minding, instrument sterilisation among others. The local community leaders also play a key role in mass mobilisation, information dissemination and ensuring security of our staff and equipment.

Our History

Jungle Medical Missions made its inaugural mission in 2012, to the densely populated slums of Kampala during which a team of volunteers examined more than 45 children in Namuwongo, Kisenyi and Ndeeba. During this mission, barbers were mobilised and facilitated to shave children’s heads and anti-fungal creams were distributed to aid in treating ringworm in these slum areas.

On this same mission a sensitisation campaign was initiated to educate the parents and slum dwellers on proper hygiene practices. However, the continued presence of our team in the community slums acquainted us more with the disparity of the health care system in remote areas and the ad-hoc and haphazard methodologies of health practices in these communities.

Jungle Medical Missions was therefore birthed to improve access to health care services in mainly Uganda and parts of East Africa to address the critical needs of the health care system which include;

  • Bridging the gap of the high doctor patient ratio (1:20,000).
  • Lack of resources to recruit, deploy and retain human resources for health workers particularly in remote localities.
  • Inefficiency in ensuring delivery of quality health care services.
  • Insufficiency in ensuring reliable quality health information.
  • Inadequate skilled health care workers.
  • Incompetency and poor functioning of referral systems.

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